Make Love Not War

War is the worst thing a man can do! Alpones Daudet said once: “Hatred – the anger of the weak”. And I totally agree with him, because only weak people can start a war. If you strong you must do everything that depends on you to prevent war. This photo session was made to show you that even people who see war everyday and participate in it can make love instead of destruction. Models: Agyness Deyn, Caroline Trentini, Julia Stegner, Missy Rayder, Raquel Zimmermann, Blaince Cook, Chad Dunn, Chad White, Daniel Pimentel, Isaac Hademan, Nathan Nesbitt, Oraine Barrett, Rodrigo Calazans, Travone Hill.


Bank Of The Planet

Main reason of the social advertisement is not the acquisition of the potential clients, customers or users. Its main goal is to show the humanity the scale of damage made by a mankind. We think if we make harm to the nature now the consequences will take place only in the future. But what is the future for us it will be the present for our children. So let’s take a look on everything we’ve done to destroy our Earth and try to do it less.

Michal Tokarczuk

Nowadays photography is truly one of the most popular spheres of art. Actually, I like it more than painting, because when you’re painting you can make any picture you imagine. But great shot Isn’t easy to be achieved, because once you’ve found it you can be without your camera or if you take it everywhere it can take quite much time to find good shot. I prefer “black and white” photos. That’s why I want to introduce these photos made by Michal Tokarczuk.